16-year-old Katherine Doering has been studying with me for eight years (what endurance on her part!) and has developed into a fine jazz singer and pianist. Here is a recording we did in my studio of the Antonio Jobim classic "Once I Loved" a great bossa nova standard with some tricky modulations and chord changes... she sings it splendidly, by the way.

    " Here is my newly renovated garage/music studio... a beautiful and inspiring space for making music."

    Nicolas Arancibia plays beautiful groove Latin guitar and sings in Portuguese, Spanish and English...Enrique Ilglesias's days are numbered!

    Jonah Nemiroff has incredibl​e ears and feel for blues piano and teaches himself Dr. John arrangements by ear... I'm not sure what I have to do with all this, maybe inspiration... yeah thats it!

    Jean Simon got into the blues and improvising about three years ago... and is getting deep into it.

    Jake Nemiroff plays great rhythm guitar and has an amazingly soulful voice that makes me really jealous, I mean, REALLY jealous!

    Student videos


    Having spent over 35 years as a professional music teacher, I can present many different approaches to guitar and piano and find the right approach for each student. My eclectic background enables me to offer lessons in :

    • Classical guitar or classical piano from beginner to the highest level.
    • Beginner lessons in pop music for guitar or piano.
    • Blues or jazz based improvisation.

    Furthermore, in my teaching studio there are many learning tools at my disposal :

    • 24” IMac with recording software and microphones. I record playalong tracks for many of my students to practice with.
    • A seven-foot Pleyel grand piano that I shipped from Paris (Yikes!)
    • Five different guitars, hand drums, electric keyboard, melodica, etc...
    • A huge library of music, method books, photocopies of arrangements I have done over the years that means there is never a shortage of things to work on.
    • My cat, Coco, an eternal source of inspiration to us all...

    Rene Gely

    Saxon Heatley has only been playing guitar for a little over a year now... boy, can he rock it!

    Sophie Naubert has been studying improvisation for two years now and can play quite a few jazz standards remarkably well.