Renee Yoxon and Rene Gely

Let's Call It A Day (2010)

I am very proud of this collaboration with the supremely talented, young Ottawa jazz singer, Renee Yoxon. Only guitar and voice, but it caught a lot of listeners' attentions.

You can go to her website to listen to tracks from this wonderful cd here:

  1. The Look of Love

  2. Willow Weep for Me

  3. Never Let me Go

  4. Candy

  5. Lovers Lullabye

  6. Centrepiece

Mary Reidy

The Sky and Stars Album (1997)

My first recording, a collaboration with the Irish singer Mary Reidy,who wrote beautiful lyrics, indeed. I had the opportunity to arrange these songs with strings/brass/percussion... anything and everything!

  1. Simple Past

  2. Mamagone

  3. True North

  4. Stained Scarlet

  5. Few and Far Between

  6. Emily's Dream

  7. Forget Me Not

  8. Belfast Song

  9. Blue Oranges

  10. Rimbaud

  11. Pale Blue

  12. Tomorrow is the Question

  13. Literatim 1

  14. Literatim 2


Rene Gely

Pulse Mondiale

Testament (2010)

My most recent CD of world music explorations and arrangements, with stellar playing from Gregg August on bass, Michael White on trumpet, Perry White on sax, and others...

  1. Casa Obscura

  2. Tem Quem Queira

  3. La Filo

  4. My Little Kora Piece

  5. Cidade da Saudade

  6. Mora Na Roca

  7. Consolation

  8. Mirror Image

  9. The Maker

  10. Quintessance

  11. Rideau de Silence

  12. Waiting in Vain

  13. Testament

Pulse Mondiale

Pulse Mondiale (2004)

My first effort in exploring world music with David Russ on bass and Raul Ramirez on percussion, recorded in Berkely Ca. at Whip Records.

  1. Song For my Father

  2. Guajiro

  3. The Tum Tum Song

  4. Portofino

  5. Softly as in a morning sunrise

  6. Afro Cuban Lullabye

  7. Agua De Beber

  8. Joburg Jostle

  9. Caravan

  10. My Little Suede Shoes

Rene Gely

Apollinaire Music (2003)

A solo guitar album of classical and jazz oriented pieces.

  1. Portofino

  2. Latin Jazz Suite: Prelude

  3. Latin Jazz Suite: Lament

  4. Latin Jazz Suite: Danza

  5. The Tum Tum Song

  6. Elegy For Lenny Breau

  7. Atonement

  8. Ferris Wheel

  9. Joburg Jostle

  10. Sonata Apollinaire movement 1

  11. Sonata Apollinaire movement 2

  12. Sonata Apollinaire movement 3